Users Voice

A large number of users have participated in the development of the SmartCane device. They find the device effective in detecting knee-above obstacles like the underside of parked vehicles, overhanging and protruding objects like tree branches, air conditioners, open window panes, banner posts etc.
They also find the device helpful in improving their dignity and self- respect by often helping them avoid socially awkward situations. The device has been used by these users in a number of scenarios and its usage has benefitted them in following ways:

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Language: English
SmartCane User Experience – Dr. Sam Taraporewala
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Language: Hindi
SmartCane User Experience – Ms.Bharti
Collision and Injury Prevention

Satguru Rathi from Delhi says: “The SmartCane device is very beneficial. It protects me from a lot of upper body injuries which I earlier used to encounter on a daily basis while using the regular White cane.”

Khalid from J&K shares: “Now there is a lot of relief, with SmartCane we can detect objects from a safer distance and prevent ourselves from getting injured. Now, I am able to detect a lot of obstacles on pavements of this city like tree branches etc. Due to the vibratory responses from the device, now we are able to feel the presence of other objects in the surrounding. Earlier we walked with the fear of getting injured especially in the eye or head.”

Ketan from Ahmedabad says: “It is a very useful device because earlier with a regular cane, I quite often collided with vehicles like truck, tractor or bus. This was because my cane would pass beneath these big vehicles and I would collide abruptly. I have got injuries on my forehead due to such incidents. With this device I get a pre-warning of such dangerous obstacles through vibrations. This also helps me in detecting street animals such as a cow.”

Increased safety

A user from Ahmedabad said: “With the use of this device, we get to know about any raised obstacle coming in our way and hence we change direction and walk uninterrupted.”
Ketan from Ahmedabad says, “Since the time I have started using Smart cane I am not getting injured anymore. My safety in travel has increased a great deal.”

Improved confidence
A 15 year old girl from Delhi says: “When I have the SmartCane in hand, I feel confident, it feels that I can walk alone without anybody’s help.”

Another person from Delhi says: “It builds confidence. Now we no more get into any embarrassing situation by bumping into people while walking.”

Manju from Mumbai shares a similar incidence: “My initial experience with the white cane was like gosh! And now with Smart cane it’s like wow. I walk faster and I am more confident now. Just one word for the device, it’s wonderful.”

Khalid from J&K shares: “Earlier, I was apprehensive of colliding with any waist-above obstacles and feared of bumping into people. But now with timely vibratory responses from SmartCane, I get to know about the presence of any object or person from a distance. My stick does not bang with any one and it feels good.”

Increased participation and inclusion

People also shared that dependency on others has greatly reduced. The device has enhanced their self-esteem. Owing to which they now freely participate in community and other formal gatherings.

Indirani from Mumbai says: “It feels great to be able to move around alone. I no more take help from people to move around. I now enjoy being all by myself. Family and friends now have the confidence in me that I can travel independently without getting hurt or injured.”

Increase in regular walking speed

A university student Deepak from Mumbai says: “My walking speed has increased. Whenever there is an object on my path I walk cautiously by estimating the distance through the vibratory responses from the device. And when there are no vibratory responses I walk faster and confidently.”

Amit and Satguru from Delhi say: “ Our travel time to work has decreased with the use of this device. We walk faster now.”

Detecting and finding passage between people

Indirani from Mumbai says: “I have very limited vision and can perceive things only during the day time. I face major mobility issues when it gets dark. I had quite often collided with people who would be standing quietly on pavements and bus stops. But since the time I am using this device, I detect people standing in my path. Now, so many times it happens that upon detecting people I instantly say ‘excuse me’ and move with grace. This leaves them in total amazement.”

Ramana from Bangalore says: “The device allows me to detect and find path particularly when people are standing in a group.”

Moving in a park

A 17 year old Prachi from Delhi says: “I am enjoying using the device. Now I am able to walk in parks as the SmartCane device is able to inform me about the benches and the tree branches which were impossible to detect earlier with the white cane.”

Queue following

Dipendra Manocha from Delhi says: “I am able to maintain a regular distance from the person in front of me in the queue and know when I have to move forward when the vibration pattern changes. I am able to avoid poking the person in front of me with my cane.”

Similarly, Sam Taraporevala from Mumbai shares that, “Apart from being extremely helpful in detecting obstacles ahead, the device is fun to use. I walk with my friends while chatting with them. I do not hold their hands to maintain pace. I simply switch my device on and follow the vibratory patterns to walk behind them by easily maintaining an arm distance.”

Gate finding

Satguru from Delhi shares: “At my office, I have to locate the door to my cabin every morning. The door is open most of the times however a person with visual impairment like me needs to trail along the wall to reach to the door. I use the SmartCane device to find the door. The device stops vibrating upon reaching the open door and I very easily enter through it without making any contact with the door or the wall.”

Detection of glass panes

Jyoti from Mumbai says: “I have very limited vision. Earlier, I had trouble in detecting glass doors in shopping malls. I would often collide which led to a lot of embarrassment. With the Smart cane I successfully detect glass doors and prevent from such awkward instances.”

Fast approaching obstacle detection
Pranav from Delhi shares: “It is nice to have a device which gives you that extra bit of information even though it is just a probability. One day I was standing with the SmartCane waiting for my car to come. The collision alarm triggered while the driver drove past me. I immediately got to know that he came close and there was something to watch out for.”