Use Cases

People use the SmartCane device extensively for travelling safely and independently for work, education or social interaction. They detect and safely negotiate the objects coming in their path and walk swiftly and confidently along the travel path. SmartCane users have found utility of this device in many scenarios. The key applications are:

Safe and Independent Mobility with SmartCane

Safe and Independent Mobility with SmartCane

Detection and avoidance of different types of obstacles during mobility in real environments

On the roadside, SmartCane is used to detect the parked vehicles and avoid collision. People use it for the detection of under-side of the standing trucks, luggage carriers, rickshaw backs etc.

Detection of low-hanging tree branches, advertisement boards, sign boards, electric poles, pillars, bins etc. on footpaths safeguards people from upper body injuries. This enables them walk with self-confidence, reducing the anxiety of unexpected and hazardous collisions.
Detection of ropes used for drying clothes, low hanging cables etc. in residential areas is another common use case.

Detection and avoidance
Enhancing safety

In addition to detection of overhanging and protruding obstacles, this pre-warning about the presence of objects help SmartCane users safely avoid street animals like cows, buffaloes etc.
Low vision SmartCane users regularly use it for the detection of glass doors in shopping malls and offices. It is also used for the detection of half open window panes.
A lot of users use it for the detection of approaching vehicles especially when they are being reversed. In such situations, they use the special alarm signal produced by the device to take appropriate action.

Enhancing Safety
Path finding

SmartCane users extensively use it for path finding through half- open gates.
Many users use the device for morning walk without any dependence on sighted help in parks near their residential areas.
While travelling through the corridors in the hotels and offices, they bend the device towards the wall and then maintain a constant distance from it by following a particular vibration pattern. This allows them to reach their room easily without knocking the door of rooms coming in path.

Path Finding
Avoiding social awkwardness and maintaining dignity

SmartCane device is regularly used for detecting people and negotiating them from a safe distance without making unwanted personal contact. They also use it for maintaining safe distance from those walking ahead and staying away from the path of those coming from opposite direction.
Orienting appropriately while talking to people with the help of device is another very important use. Device is also used for locating people in case any assistance is required on bus stops etc. This helps in independent mobility with self-confidence and dignity.
Few male users also use the device for locating free urinals in offices and other public places.

Avoiding social awkwardness and maintaining dignity
Queue following

Device is often used for following a queue during security checks or purchasing tickets at airports, metro and railway stations. People use a particular vibration pattern for identifying the distance from a person standing next to them and then follow that person by maintaining the constant distance.