Availability – Other Countries

The SmartCaneTM device is available for purchase outside India at a price of 90 US Dollars. Please note that the above price doesn’t include the freight charges, and bank charges (applicable for direct account transfer and LC). The final price will include these charges and will be intimated at the time of placing the order. Also note that the charges related to custom clearance (whenever applicable) will be borne by the buyer. For 1 to 10 units, you can buy directly using the online link : https://www.phoenixmedicalsystems.com/phoenixcart/assistive-technology/smart-cane

For larger quantities and long term partnership, please write to us at [email protected]

You can also procure the SmartCaneTM Device locally through our partner organizations directly in the following countries:

Our mission is to provide the SmartCane in the most cost effective way to end users in International regions, particularly in developing countries. Towards this end, we are working for forming partnerships with organizations and agencies that can provide the device, training, user support as well as repair support in their respective country. If you belong to an organisation with a similar vision, interested in working with us for dissemination, or an agency wishing to place bulk orders, please write to us at [email protected].