Smartcane ensures independent mobility, safety and gives confidence

What is SmartCane?

SmartCane device is an electronic travel aid which fits on the top fold of the white cane. It serves as an enhancement to the white cane and overcomes its limitations by detecting knee-above and hanging obstacles. Such objects inlcude the side of a truck, hanging cloth strings, protruding coolers or air conditioners, railing, treebranches, inclined ladders, etc. These obstacles do not have significant footprint on the ground and thus can result in injury to the head or upper body parts. For safe mobility, it is important that they are detected early. The cane has other uses as a spatial awareness device as it can detect presence or abesence of objects in the surroundings.
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News and Events

SmartCane dissemination efforts in Kolkota, West Bengal

A team from IIT and Saksham visited several organizations in Kolkata for spreading awareness and imparting SmartCane training. Read More

Awareness and Trainers cum Users Training Workshops at NFB, Guwahati

A team from IIT Delhi and Saksham Trust visited National Federation for the Blind. Read More

SmartCane Distribution and Training at NAB, New Delhi

On 10th September, SmartCanes were made available to 40 visually challenged female. Read More

User Story

"My mobility has improved to a great extent. Earlier I collided often with Open windows and suffered injuries but now I no more bang on to such obstacles. It feels a lot safe on road now. �

Sukhwinder Singh , Jalandhar

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the SmartCane device & where can I get one ?

The SmartCane device is priced at INR 3000, is available at our channel partners.
Check Availability for more details.

Where can I get the Training / Learning material ?

The training / learning material is available for download in different formats like epub, daisy, braille, clear print, etc.
Check Resources to download.

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