Smartcane ensures independent mobility, safety and gives confidence

What is SmartCane?

SmartCane device is an electronic travel aid which fits on the top fold of the white cane. It serves as an enhancement to the white cane and overcomes its limitations by detecting knee-above and hanging obstacles. Such objects inlcude the side of a truck, hanging cloth strings, protruding coolers or air conditioners, railing, treebranches, inclined ladders, etc. These obstacles do not have significant footprint on the ground and thus can result in injury to the head or upper body parts. For safe mobility, it is important that they are detected early. The cane has other uses as a spatial awareness device as it can detect presence or abesence of objects in the surroundings.
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User Experience

"The SmartCane device is very beneficial. It protects me from a lot of upper body injuries which I earlier used to encounter on a daily basis while using the regular White cane"

Satguru Rathi, New Delhi

"My initial experience with the White cane was like gosh! and now with Smart cane it’s like wow! I walk faster and I am more confident now. Just one word for the device: It’s wonderful! "

Manju Magoo, Mumbai

" SmartCane saves me from unwanted and embarrassing collisions with people. It has boosted my confidence and now prefer walking over taking rickshaw"

Bharti, Delhi

"It feels great to be able to move around alone. I now enjoy being all by myself. Family and friends now have the confidence in me that I can travel independently without getting hurt or injured”

Indirani, Mumbai

"Earlier I used to collide with vehicles like truck, tractor or bus. But now, with SmartCane I get pre-warning of such dangerous obstacles. This device also helps me in detecting street animals such as a cow.”

Ketan, Ahmedabad

"My mobility has improved to a great extent. Earlier I collided often with Open windows and suffered injuries but now I no more bang on to such obstacles. It feels a lot safe on road now. ”

Sukhwinder Singh , Jalandhar

"It is easy to detect waist high obstacles now. I have become smarter with SmartCane”

Riddhi Soni, Ahmedabad

"The device is very lightweight and comfortable to hold. I am more confident about the surrounding now.”

Ramana Polavarapu, Bangalore

"I use SmartCane everywhere I go. The battery back up of the device is too good.”

Geetesh Gehlot, Bangalore



What is the price of the SmartCane device & where can I get one ?
The SmartCane device is priced at INR 3000, is available at our channel partners. Check Availability for more details.

Where can I get the Training / Learning material ?
The training / learning material is available for download in different formats like epub, daisy, braille, clear print, etc.
Check Resources to download.


SmartCane Showcased on Reuters. Click to see !

SmartCane dissemination efforts in Kolkota, West Bengal
15th and 16th September 2014

Awareness and Trainers' cum Users' Training Workshops
13th and 14th September 2014 at National Federation for the Blind, Guwahati

SmartCane Distribution and Training
on 10th September 2014 at NAB, New Delhi

SmartCane showcased at the UNDP Social Good Summit 2014. Noted filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and UNDP Head Lise Grande moderated the panel which included Prof. P. V. M. Rao and Dr. Rohan Paul.
Press Release

Awareness cum training workshop
On 30th August 2014, Jamia Milia Islamia University, New Delhi
A special awareness cum training workshop was held in Jamia Milia Islamia University. Amongst the attendees were the B. Ed and M. Ed class, Faculty of Teachers’ Training and Education, and students with visual impairment. Thirty two future special educators were trained at the workshop. Moreover, One SmartCane device was given to Gajendra Kumar Yadav, a Jamia student, in the lieu of Urdu translation service by students for the trainers handbook.

Distribution and Awareness Function of SmartCane and Plextalk Vachak
on 5th August 2014 at XRCVC Mumbai
In the gracious presence of the Chief Guest, Ms. Vidya Balan (Acclaimed actress, and alumnus of St Xavier’s College, Mumbai), XRCVC, Mumbai in association with the Saksham Trust and IIT Delhi, supported by NIVH, organized a one day Distribution and Awareness Function of SmartCane and Plextalk Vachak

Around 10 SmartCane were donated on the occasion of installation ceremony of Rotary Club, Raipur
3rd July 2014 at Rotary Club, Raipur, Chhattisgrah

SmartCane has been published onto the 'Innovations Showcase' Section of the Wellcome Trust Website. This section mainly showcases awards that have achieved considerable success. Visit Website

SmartCane Trainers' Training Workshop
20th June 2014, IITD

National Association for Blind, Raipur added as a new channel partner for SmartCane dissemination in and around the state of Chhattisgarh. NAB trainers were trained to impart SmartCane training during a training session organised at IIT Delhi on 20th June 2014.

SmartCane Trainers' cum Users' Training Workshop
19th June 2014, Gujrat

Team from IIT Delhi and Saksham visited Blind Welfare Council in Dahod (Gujarat) on 19.06.2014 and trained 5 trainers and 4 users in using the SmartCane device. Blind Welfare Council, Dahod has joined as a channel partner and is committed to make SmartCane available to the people in Dahod as well as the surrounding regions, for promoting Safe and Independent mobility.

Visit to the Hong Kong Blind Union, Hong Kong
3rd - 4th June 2014

A discussion was held at the Hong Kong Blind Union to explore the possibilites of access to SmartCane Device in Hong Kong. A training session was also conducted on 3rd - 4th June 2014 where 2 trainers were trained on Safe & Independent Mobility with SmartCane.

User Training Program
26th May 2014, NAB, Delhi

A User Training Program on 'Safe & Independent Mobility with SmartCane' was conducted at National Association for the Blind, New Delhi on 26 May 2014. A team of trainers from IIT Delhi and Saksham Trust, New Delhi trained 17 users from different walks of life

SmartCane - Release to the People.
31st March 2014 at Seminar Hall, IITD

SmartCane is now available for purchase through various community partners w.e.f. 1st April 2014

Third Trainer's Workshop on "Safe & Independent Mobility with SmartCane"
6th March, 2014 at Mitra Jyothi, Bangalore

Organized By: Saksham Trust at Mitra Jyothi, Bangalore.

Second Trainer's Workshop on "Safe & Independent Mobility with SmartCane",
4th March, 2014 at XRCVC, Mumbai

Organized By: Saksham Trust at Xavier's Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged, Mumbai.

First Trainer's Workshop on "Safe & Independent Mobility with SmartCane"
28th February, 2014 at NAB, Delhi

Organized By: Saksham Trust at National Association for the Blind, New Delhi.

Access India Convention, 15-16 Feb'14
Organised By : Score Foundation at Delhi University on 15th Feb'14.

Techshare India, 13-14 Feb'14
Organised By : Barrier Break at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 13-14th Feb'14.

Inclusive Innovation Exhbition, Pune
Organised At : Pune, 10-11th Decemeber 2013.